Hip Hop FinFest 2022: Student Song Competition & Concert

Join FinFest 2022: Wants are Needs Too!

We’re excited to announce that we’re partnering with FPP, Hip Hop Education Center, Morphing Minds, Spondulics, and Prezi for this year’s student song competition and live streaming concert.

Get Started with Lessons to Inspire Money Songs

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How to Enter to Win for Middle & High School Student Song Competition

Check out the Asking for Friend Webcomic below to get all the details about this year’s student song competition and virtual concert for learners of all ages. Let’s find our rhythm with finance together!

Student Song Rules & Regulations

  • Must be between 12–18 years old to submit.
  • Must be a resident of the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands
  • Must use content from at least one of the financial literacy lessons provided.
  • Must choose a beat provided by the competition.
  • Song must include a minimum of 16 bars and a chorus.
  • Song length cannot exceed 4 minutes.
  • Must submit video performance — NO audio-only submissions will be accepted.
  • Absolutely no cursing or profanity allowed.
  • All song submissions must be received by September 31st, 2022

Prizes & Performances

  • The top three submissions will receive cash prizes
  • Winning songs will be featured during the Hip Hop FinFest Concert
  • Winning songs will be featured on the Hip Hop FinFest vol.2 album
  • All winning students will receive a studio in a backpack equipment kit to keep making music and creative projects, 6 months of mentorship, and cash prizes
  • Winning students’ teachers will receive two professional development sessions, a year’s worth of curriculum, and swag for their classrooms

Song Writing Tips

Video Performance Tools

Students can use any of their favorite video recording tools to make their song submissions. From your phone, laptop, or favorite app, we can’t wait to see what you all come up with this year.


Beats for Your Song

Where to Submit Your Song



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